Cliffhanger image 2


You left me hanging by a thread


Holding on.

And instead of waiting for you to save me

I jumped.





soft image 4


It’s a word we use a lot during our nights


Gentle fingers in slow circles on soft skin

Across the dips in your ribs and the nape of

your neck.

When your soft curls twist around my fingers

You yield.


With eyes creased like pillowcases

Where your wrists press them

Ribbons and lace and bruises across your bed

Across your shoulders

Blushed red on soft skin

Cotton bud kisses

Caress these tender blooms

Sunrise dye your skin pink. Red.

The lines of nails under your shirt

Ruby ribbons trace tapestries of veins

Wrapped in velvet underground.

And my fingers caress my bruises later, when I

Become harder, when I unwrap myself from

This cocoon of petals.

It’s a painful reminder of your soft touches

In the middle of tomorrow night.

When I need your softness.





when you figure out how to leave me image 4

When you figure out how to leave me

Tell me how

And take me with you.

Leave her behind

The version of me you didn’t want.

Show me how to shed my skin.

Should I slough it off with stones

Or fingernails

Or razors.

Remove the scars to start new.

Make me pink and fresh. Absolve me

Raw and clean, your canvas.

Change my voice.

Pull the cords in to a more pleasing melody

Sweet symphonies of ‘baby be mine’

Singing darling blossoms

Growing on the taught notes left strung with

Your opinions and praises.

Edit my body beautiful.

Pull breath from my ribs to make slimmer me waist.

Bend my neck to hold my spine

Arch it to your wills, mimic my follies.

Widen my eyes in to innocent and sew shut my ears to your faults.


Words by Amelia McNab
Illustrations by Bronwen Neil

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