Happy Halloween! A day of ghouls, witches, monsters, and ghosts. In the vein of this spooky holiday, Freya Norley gives us some Halloween flash fiction.

Photo by Wendy Scofield

Alright Detective, I’ll tell you what happened.

Have you ever raised the dead? No, I hadn’t until yesterday. It’s a lot less exciting than you’d expect actually. A lot of digging and too much crouching for my liking, arthritis in my knees you see, plus there are some gravestones that are exactly shin height and are a right pain in the arse, well, shin, when you trip over them running away from the horde of zombies you’ve just brought back to un-life.

We didn’t mean to unleash them on the whole village you see, we just wanted it to be the Church Hall. Bingo Night. It’s rigged I tell you, Linda Pickle and her lot always seem to win. Last month she won a cruise to the Caribbean! That’s when Margo and I decided to do it. Just to scare them a bit. Honestly Detective, we really didn’t mean for it to get so out of hand! The undead are very hard to instruct, accounting to the lack of brains. Margo was confident she’d bound them up with the Resurrection spell. Pah! More fool me for trusting anything Margo says, honestly. She thought tea came from Cornwall –

What? No, sorry, I guess that’s not relevant. Funny though.

Actually, talking about tea – could I get a cup? I’m parched. Ooh, thanks dear.

Anyway – ah, where was I? Oh yes, so we’re resurrecting all these deadun’s aren’t we, it’s going okay, I say we’ve got enough to do what we need to do, but Margo gets a bit too power hungry and yeah. Graveyard’s empty now. Well, I guess not for long. Ha, ha!


No, I don’t suppose you do have any laws about raising the dead, do you? That’s the problem with you younger generations, you thought smartphones were the only zombie makers didn’t you! It’s very bad for your eyesight to stare at screen all day don’t you know.

Am I free to go then? Only, I’ve got a cruise I’ve got to be on…

Words By F.E. Norley
Feature Image by Wendy Scofield


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