Every Wednesday from 1pm, Coffee House Sessions brings new and emerging talent to the the SU bar with live performances from amazing bands and artists. To kick off the year last week, they brought us Amy Lawton, a talent often compared to Taylor Swift. Victoria Wheeler sat down with Lawton to chat about her music and her inspiration, so stick around to find out what they talked about. 

Amy Lawton arrived at Bath Spa University dressed in apparel no more distinctive nor remarkable than anyone else in the room. Yet it is this effortless aura of friendliness and relatability that has enticed audiences to Lawton. When she began to sing, the normal bustle of the SU bar was brought to a halt as everyone in the room stopped to listen and connect with the beauty of her lyrics. In this interview, Lawton discusses her intense relationship with songwriting, as well as her inspiration and advice for upcoming artists.

Your latest single, ‘Hurts Like Paradise’, discusses your experience of unrequited love. Why did you choose to write this as such an upbeat song?
I really like sad, deep lyrics and taking them out of the ordinary to contrast them with a more positive sound.

What inspired you to turn these emotions into song?
I wrote this song a long time ago; I was fifteen and I didn’t really know a lot about life. It’s what I imagined love would be like. If anything, it’s an imaginary story.

You said you wrote this song when you were much younger. When did you start writing songs?
I probably started writing when I was about twelve years old.

When you were that age, did you ever imagine that you’d be working with such big names in the music industry, like Matty Benbrook?
No, I used to wonder if I’d ever get to hear my songs being recorded professionally!

What inspires your writing and performing?
My real life! I adore my demographic and how we all experience similar things – that’s why I love touring. I love the idea that I can relate to my audience. I also enjoy going to different parts of the UK; you can go from one part of the country to the next and it’s completely different.

You’ve often been compared to a young Taylor Swift, a songwriter like yourself. Do you consider this to be a compliment?
It’s a huge compliment, although I’m unsure whether I’ll ever be able to live up to a comparison like that.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
I really like Suzanne Vega. She’s a songwriter who I would love to collaborate with.

It seems like your success has been growing rapidly, playing at infamous venues like The Troubadour in London. What has that experience been like?
Ever since moving to London I’ve learnt so much more about the music industry. I believe that if you want to get into the industry you should definitely move to London. You also meet so many other artists by playing with them and that’s very cool.

Amy Lawton by Ian Wallman
© Amy Lawton by Ian Wallman

It must feel surreal having to move to pursue your dream, a jump many are scared to take. How is your family feeling about your career?
My parents are always supporting me; I’m even borrowing my mum’s car for the few weeks that I’m doing these University Coffee House Sessions.

Bath Spa University has often been called one of the top creative universities outside of London, what advice would you give to any aspiring artists here at our uni?
For me, creativity is how I like to express myself. I think you need to be true to who you are, whatever you want to do.

Are there any new songs in the works currently?
Yes! I’m releasing a new song in a few weeks that I’ll be performing during these Coffee House Sessions. It’s called ‘Don’t Bring Louise’ and it’s about a real person. If you want to hear more about it, stick around because it’ll be out soon.

What kind of sound can we expect to hear from your future releases?
I don’t really think about genre, I always just write what I’m thinking. It’s so hard when people ask what genre I would put myself in because I really don’t know. But I guess you could say I intend to go into country and folk music.

Where do you think you’ll take your music in the future?
I want to keep releasing songs; the plan is to continue releasing one every few months. I hope to continue being able to discuss my life through writing and singing about it.

Could you imagine yourself in any other career?
Definitely not. I don’t have a plan B.

I concluded my interview by asking Lawton to describe her music in one sentence. She responded with: ‘My music is my diary.’

In a world where pop-stars appear to be gods, Amy Lawton reminds us that music is ultimately just an expression of the heart. Music truly is Lawton’s life, of which you can hear in her latest single, ‘Hurts Like Paradise’ (available through Spotify and Apple Music).

Words by Victoria Wheeler
Featured Image © Amy Lawton by Ian Wallman

Check out Amy Lawton on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amylawtonmusic/


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