Martha Norris, first year Food and Nutrition student at Bath Spa University and Food Blogger, encourages us to make time for ourselves that doesn’t include spending hours scrolling through social media. While we all experience hectic and busy lives, this article advises and emphasises that through self-care we are able to ‘enjoy every moment to the fullest.’


Time is one thing we all crave to have more of, yet we waste a lot of it by scrolling through Instagram feeds or watching episode after episode on Netflix. Sound familiar? Oddly enough, it’s these ‘empty time fillers’ that actually distract us busy people.

It’s human nature to be busy creatures; we keep ourselves hectic. This can leave us feeling exhausted, run down and frankly burnt out. We make time for others because we don’t like letting people down. But we don’t make time for someone just as important (if not more so)… ourselves.

Why does making time for ourselves seem selfish or less productive? It shouldn’t! Being a friend to ourselves is a mindset a lot of us lack and many are unsure of how to do this. How often do you have a self-care night? Or spend time doing things you enjoy rather than finishing off an essay into the late hours of the night? We overwork; over-stress and then neglect our simple pleasures and indulgences which truly make those hard and tedious days go by with added positivity.

For me, this means waking up ten minutes earlier to brew my coffee just how I like it. It’s important to acknowledge those self-care moments compared with the normal hustle of forgetting to turn your alarm on, scrambling to find books and failing to brush your teeth. This only makes your day go from bad to worse, which I’m sure happens to the best of us.

Think about yourself as you would about your best friend. If they needed a break or a treat you would be there for them, right? It shouldn’t be any different when it comes to you and letting yourself have some time to relax and really relish in the moment of what you enjoy. Cook (or order) your favourite meal, read your favourite book, watch your favourite movie, listen to your favourite podcast, run yourself a bath with bath salts, and relax!

Don’t waste your precious time on hours of social media browsing because it’s self-destructive. What good can come from this, whether you’re comparing likes of a post, gossiping about friends or wishing you were someone else, somewhere else? You should focus your energy on the present and enjoy every moment to the fullest. You can do something about the moment which is NOW. Unhappy with something? It its well within your power to change it.

We often get consumed and wrapped up in situations that can be energy zapping, leaving us feeling drained and depleted. In these moments we must stop, pay attention, be mindful and rest our busy heads to appreciate the beautiful moments that are frequently overlooked. Consider the beautiful spring weather that is approaching or a smile from a friendly stranger…

Life is a constant ticking clock and with this time of year where dissertations are due, exams are getting prepped for and coursework is being rewritten again and again until it’s perfect – it may seem never ending, but it will end. Then the process begins again and as life does, it will become busy and chaotic and you’re right back to where you started: feeling stressed.

But the point is, don’t wait until the ‘right’ moment to make time for yourself because life doesn’t give you perfectly made time slots. YOU have to make time yourself, make YOU a priority. It’s healthy, it’s sustainable and means you can keep working hard and being busy without the worry of burning out.

After reading this, I hope (even just a little part of you) feels inspired about putting yourself first every now and again. Start to look around and enjoy the moment you’re living in right now. Don’t be your own time waster.

Words by Martha Norris

Martha believes that true happiness is found doing what you enjoy most without feeling judged or criticised. As someone who has suffered with mental health problems she knows that her best medication is both the fuel of good, nutritious food and having exercise that makes you feel energised and strong.

Find more of Martha’s story on her blog.

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