To see Africa’s wildlife and picturesque lands is the dream for most photographers, but not many get the chance to explore the untouched nature. Robert Hutchinson, first year Business and Management student and hobby photographer, sat down with Beth Morrow to discuss his stunning photography and how he got into it. Follow Robert on Instagram to see more of his work, @rob_hutchphotography.

When I was thirteen years old, my mother bought a simple DSLR camera – this was my introduction to photography. At fifteen I realised that photography was a way of communicating my experiences that couldn’t be expressed in words. From that point on, I eagerly scoured Instagram and YouTube for inspiration and guidance on photography.

The Savannah at Dusk.
Stampeding wildebeest crossing the Mara river during the Great Migration.

Having grown up in Kenya, wildlife and safari were a part of my surroundings. But the reactions of wonder to my wildlife photography when I moved to the UK surprised me and revealed that I couldn’t describe my own experiences as well as I could show them. I want my audience to interpret my work in their own way, to see the moment with their own eyes and to catch a glimpse of what I experienced in the moment that I captured the photo.

A young elephant surrounded by its herd.
Dik dik
A curious dik dik emerges from the undergrowth.

I’m inspired by the profound ability of photographs to tell a story; the narrative in a moment. However, it’s also the process of wildlife photography that fascinates me every time; the unpredictability, the spontaneity and the technical skill. Now, at nineteen, I still focus on wildlife and landscape photography and I’m always exploring new ways to find the perfect moment to get the perfect shot.

Words and Interview by Beth Morrow
Photography by Robert Hutchinson

Beth Morrow is a Creative Writing graduate from Interlochen Arts Academy in the USA, though her home is in Scotland. She has received two Gold Keys and one Silver Key from Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and is published in the Interlochen Review. She believes in the transformative ability of writing and its power to influence culture and perception.

Follow Robert on Instagram to see more of his work, @rob_hutchphotography.

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