If you haven’t heard of Toast Tuesdays until now, are you even a student in Bath? Many of you will have been to one of those great nights out on a Tuesday night at The Nest; we at SpaLife Mag certainly have! Our team joined Toast Tuesdays for a night full of waffles topped with Nutella and crispy toast. And let me tell you, it was just how you imagine it to be: absolutely delicious and just what you need on a night out!

Alongside throwing amazing parties that everyone seems to enjoy, Toast Tuesdays is managed by former students – very successfully. We were curious as to how such a young business team became so successful. We decided to meet up with some of the organisers to ask them about the joys and struggles of running a student club night.

Our Top Tip: don’t let the queue stop you from going, buy advanced tickets to queue jump! © Toast Tuesdays

What inspired you to include food in the night club experience? Not that we’re complaining!

Running Toast Tuesdays as ex-students ourselves, we have seen the demand for food after a night out. A survey we put out saw that 93% of people only ever wanted to leave a nightclub for ‘grub’. With Toast Tuesdays throwing a fun night with an incredible atmosphere, fun inflatables, flashing wands and tons of confetti no one wants to leave.

So, we thought that we’d make the night even more farfetched. We decided to put on themes every week, food based or not. You don’t normally see a McDonalds or Waffle party – Toast Tuesdays are different and that’s why we’re one of, if not, Bath’s most popular club night.

So, what food options have gone down the best? Everyone loves toast after a big night of drinking, but those cheeky waffles went down a treat with our team. Are there any other food options that you would like to try in the future?

Throughout term one we reached full capacity every single week. It is always extremely busy – we often sell out our advance tickets. McDonalds of course went down a treat – we didn’t have room for over 200 people in the queue! Our Slush event was also extremely good. We will definitely bring back the favourite ones, at the right time. However, we’ve just come up with themes for up until March and they’re pretty damn good!

With great music all night long, Toast doesn’t just feed your tummy it feeds your soul. © Toast Tuesday

Toast Tuesdays has a reputation as a wild night full of good vibes. At what point did you become known as the place-to-be on a Tuesday night in Bath?

Most nightclubs put on the night, busy or not and nothing will change. At Toast Tuesdays, we want to exceed everyone’s expectations of nightclubbing – putting on the craziest nightclub vibe and atmosphere. That’s why you see everyone having such a great time. We go all out! Confetti the lot!

How do you plan to evolve Toast Tuesdays in the future?

Toast Tuesdays now operates in multiple cities which shows how successful the brand is: everyone says, “Toast does the BEST toast.” We have plans to be on the road to many more cities in the close future. We already have plans to move into other cities up and down the country – you’ll see it in fifteen major cities within the next five years.

Every single week we try and beat the previous week’s record of serving toast. To date, the most toasts made was on 24 October 2017, where 620 slices of bread were toasted.

OK, so give us the inside scoop: what do you consider to be some of the biggest successes and what have you found to be challenging for Toast Tuesdays?

We consider it a big success when there are over 400 photos taken and we can only choose the best 150 photos for our Facebook page; at Toast there are so many smiles, laughs and picture-perfect moments. In addition, when we release the following week’s event and ticket sales event interest flies through the roof – that’s when you know you’re putting on a night valued by the majority.

Our biggest challenge at first was putting trust into the party goer’s hands. Many are under the impression that when we put on a night i.e. Krispy Kreme, that there will only be two boxes of doughnuts. We have made it clear that we spoil everyone who comes to Toast.

Celebrating Toast’s Nutella waffles. © Toast Tuesdays

Cheap entry. Check. Cheap drinks. Check. Free food FOMO. Definitely check, there’s nothing worse than missing out on free food. Do we have fair reason to be concerned?

One of the first things we discussed with the club were the drink prices. We want to keep every student’s pockets feeling light. The drinks are heavily discounted; in general, The Nest has the cheapest drinks. In terms of entry we keep it really low. For £3 guest list entry, you literally can’t complain – you get fun & fed.

Most club nights across the country put on nights similar to Toast Tuesdays. Pizza Parties, for example, but the organisers only ever buy one to three pizzas focusing on making profit. But when you come to a Toast party we will always cater for everyone. We don’t do any half measures, we go all out! That’s why we are so popular. We do a proper job every single week. Obviously, there will be some people who miss out because they were late to the game.

But in terms of toast, every single week we try and beat the previous week’s record of serving toast. To date, the most toasts made was on 24 October 2017, where 620 slices of bread were toasted.

It’s fantastic that you have such great connections with societies and sports teams across both Bath universities? How do you work with them?

Yes, absolutely! We have worked and continue to work with pretty much every society. We welcome societies and sports clubs for socials whereby we provide a social sponsorship. This includes unbeatable deals, free entry and plenty of free bottles of alcohol in addition to our incredible themes. You can’t beat a social like this.

bang event cover.jpg
Toast’s next event with a BANG! © Toast Tuesdays

Toast Tuesdays is always a good shout to guarantee a great night with fun activities, drinks and, of course, free food! If you want to know more about their events visit their Facebook page or their website and follow them on Instagram. If you’re interested in having a social, contact the team on Facebook.

To start the new year with a BANG!, Toast Tuesdays is hosting their next event on Tuesday, 9 January at The Nest with plenty of inflatables, love heart sweets, glitter and free condoms. More info on Facebook or here.

Words by Anika Schulze
Interview Questions by Beth Morrow & Jemima Ung

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