Read about Bath’s most popular clubs and get advice on where and when to go. Sam McKenna, third year Business and Management student and experienced club-goer, put together a guide for all you keen freshers so that you never have to worry about a night out again!

Zero Zero

Zero Zero Queue
The long but fun queue at Zero Zero. © Zero Zero

If you’re an avid nightclubber, Zero Zero is where you want to be on a Wednesday night. The venue sports three bars, a VIP lounge and a surprisingly sizeable dance floor, given its smaller venue size due to being underground.

Zero Zero is incredibly popular on various days during the week and weekends, given its notoriety amongst both students and locals. Bump ‘n’ Grind, the club’s most popular R’n’B night amongst students, often leads to those infamously less-populated lectures on Thursday mornings.

Second Bridge

Second Bridge Queue
SLAM! on a Thursday night at Bridge. © Second Bridge

Hosting a mix of R’n’B, grime and chart music, SLAM! is the place to be on a Thursday night. The club provides a fantastic VIP service for events like birthdays, society meet-ups and other occasions.

The bar upstairs, which is joined to the club, offers a wide variety of discounted cocktails to start the night off with a fruity bang, and houses a spacious outdoor area with umbrellas and outdoor seating. All in all, Second Bridge offers a great venue and reasonable prices resulting in consistently fantastic nights out.

The Nest

Night Out Nest
Gorilla Tactics Midsummer Vibeout at The Nest. © The Nest

Back to student basics: strong cider, loud live music and great people. Firstly, Bee Sting: go get one! It’s a great first taste of what Somerset has to offer. Not a big fan of Somerset cider? Shame. If you’re interested in live music and experiencing great new artists first-hand, The Nest is for you. It’s the best alternative to a night out clubbing when you just can’t take hearing Justin Bieber apologise anymore; swapping out that Apple laptop for an electric guitar. With its rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, three bars, a spacious dance floor and its main stage downstairs, The Nest is a definite on any Bath Spa student’s list of favourites.


SpaLife Jungle Moles
SpaLife Goes Jungle at Moles. © Zach Thomas

This venue offers a night out with an edge. An edge so sharp it could cut tuition fees if elected as prime minister. Again, a place where Bee Sting flows like honey but more viscous and alcoholic, yet just as sweet.

Moles is an underground nightclub with bands playing live music six nights per week followed by club nights on some of them. It’s extremely popular with most students, hosting nights to appeal to all tastes: rock, hip-hop and the infamous Big Cheese on Tuesdays, playing 90s tunes all night. Yet another great venue with superb music where you can catch up with your mates as well as maybe making new ones. Aww, friends.

Po Na Na

Po Na Na Cheese Night
Propaganda Cheese Night at Po Na Na. © Soul Media

Po Na Na hold a variety of events throughout the week, including music genres like disco, hip-hop, grime, rock, 90s pop and R&B; their flexibility is key to their popularity amongst the residents of Bath. One of Bath’s most well-renowned venues, this hidden gem hosts a number of unique events throughout the year ranging from pizza parties* to fancy dress.

With Po Na Na, it pays to be a loyal clubber; members of the club’s one-off, low-cost loyalty scheme will get huge discounts on drinks throughout the week. Great prices on shots and cocktails? I’m there.


Club Night Komedia
DJ set at Komedia. © Komedia

Regarded as one of the best venues in West England and Wales, Komedia is certainly the largest and most grand in Bath. Arts café by day, comedy club or nightclub by night, the venue caters to all tastes and is especially popular with the locals.

Whether it’s cheese you’re after or some old-school Motown with spins and soul, Komedia‘s got you covered. With a large stage for performers, two cracking bars and even lovelier staff, this location offers a fantastic, high-energy atmosphere for those Saturday nights where the week’s nights out just weren’t enough.

Words by Sam McKenna

This article was first published in SpaLife Magazine The Freshers Guide in September 2017.

*Toast Tuesdays are now held at The Nest.

Note: There are other clubs and bars in Bath worth visiting such as Khoosoosi, The Bath Brew House, The Cork, Belushi’s and many more.

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