If you’ve been eager to try out the newest tapas bar in Bath, let Elizabeth Fryer walk you through her experience of Tapas Revolution’s Spanish menu to give you the heads up.

Omar Allibhoy has brought his vision of “bringing the real taste of Spain” to Bath. He recently opened up his seventh Tapas Revolution on St Lawerence Street, and what a wonderful revolution it is: the cosy intimate location is ensconced in the busy hub of Southgate. It could very much become the next hot spot for students and adults alike; the prices are cheap, the staff friendly and authenticity is their main goal.

I went to Tapas Revolution for dinner with my partner. Despite being casual, cosy and up-beat, the atmosphere was surprisingly intimate. We were seated in the outside area which is boxed in by a hedge, giving diners the needed privacy from passers-by.

The first four Tapas dishes to arrive on our table were Bacalao con guisantes y sobrasada, Chorizo Ibйrico de bellota, Boquerones and Patatas bravas. The Boquerones was a recommendation, it consisted of tart anchovies in a parsley reduced cider sauce which had a sharp lemon zing to it – this one was a winner and definitely one of my favourites. We complemented it with a lovely Chardonnay, but if you’re not a wine drinker they do offer a range of Spanish craft beers and Spanish inspired cocktails.

Having tried the Bacalao (cod with peas and chorizo spread), I would definitely recommend having it alongside something like the Patatas bravas as they work well together – it added the necessary flavour to what the other lacked. The Spanish chorizo reminded me of my home country, Italy, it made me reminisce about the Mediterranean gusto for food and wine shared generously between family and friends.

 Left: Gambas al ajillo. Right: Marinated lamb skewers with sweet and spicy dipping sauce.© Tapas Revolution

As the evening progressed it became quite chilly and my request to move inside was promptly tended to. The interior is very rustic: there is an olive tree in the centre, bar stools sit around tables made out of empty barrels, and other flat wooden tables for diners to sit at. The decoration and the loud, lively music make it feel like you’re in Spain.

Next up was Pinchos morunos con mojo picyn, Huevos rotos con chorizo y gambas, Calamares fritos a la andaluza and Berenjenas fritas con miel. The Pinchos was superb – succulent marinated beef on skewers that you could dip into a spicy sauce. The Huevos rotos con chorizo y gambas was wonderful! Scrambled eggs with potatoes, chorizo and prawns served to us on a hot sizzling pan, for such a simple dish it had an amazingly rich combination of flavours. The Berenjenas fritas, aubergine that is fried and then covered in spiced honey and thyme dressing, was delicious. It was my partner’s favourite dish and he just couldn’t get enough of it!

Left: Fried sweet green peppers. Left: Carne a la parrilla. © Tapas Revolution

I washed down my meal with some mint tea that was served to me in a beautiful clay pot, and finished the evening with the traditional Crema Catalana for dessert. The lemony custard was lovely; however, the caramel on top was slightly burnt but not too drastic and it did by no means ruin my experience.

Tapas Revolution transports you to Spain, with the friendly Hispanic staff, the authentic cooking and the vibrant, bustling and homely feel of the place. I can just see myself stepping out of Debenhams and stopping at the restaurant for a quick bite before continuing my shopping spree. Omar Allibhoy was right, Bath needed a place like Tapas Revolution with authentic Spanish food – now we have it.

Prices range from £3.95 to £10; it’s affordable, very good quality and the restaurant itself has a great vibe. It’s a lovely place to go and share good food with friends and family! But don’t take my word for it, go ahead and try it yourself!

Tapas Revolution is located at 20A St Lawrence St, Bath BA1 1AN, UK. For more information visit their website or follow the team on twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Words by Elizabeth Fryer


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