A new wave of indie shoegaze is upon us as Feuerhaus part the sea of clangy, woah-ohing indie-rock with their wistful, warping and wavy sound. They’ve already headlined The Nest, played The Fleece and other UK venues, and supported Blaenavon on their tour. Feuerhaus are certainly a band to get excited about.

Tonight we find them at The Nest as part of a line-up curated by Carousel Talent including Farebrother and Squidge. The Nest is sweaty, the crowd patchy, but that doesn’t stop Feuerhaus from delivering an energetic set.

They spark off with their debut single ‘I’m Your Gold’, and that’s certainly what they are. This track is a gem, quieter than the rest of their songs, taking longer to erupt into an enigmatic, layered instrumental section. It’s the perfect introduction to ease the audience into their more powerful and somewhat spiritual numbers.

02 Feuerhaus-07-007.jpg
Frank Cartwright’s vocals are ethereal, reminiscent of Jeff Buckley. © James Burwell Photography

Frank Cartwright and his quivering vocals, reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, lead the band and glide over the spangly guitars and powerful percussion. He drifts around the stage, lost in the music yet not disengaged from the crowd; it’s a delicate balance but he nails it. With Big Fish drummer Ben ‘Bin’ Roe stepping in on the drums, Feuerhaus are louder with even more oomph.

02 Feuerhaus-09-014
Lost in the music. Left to right. Frank Cartwright and Ben ‘Bin’ Roe. © James Burwell Photography

Feedback fuelled track ‘Strange Fears’ opens up the band’s more dreamy, psychedelic side whereas ‘Blood Breakfast’ is more haunting. It begins with a chilling, bendy intro from guitarist Dylan Osafo which is repeated throughout the song.

You can hear the influences from 90s shoegaze legends Slowdive, their gentle moments hint at The National, and of course, Blaenavon serve as a good reference point for new listeners of Feuerhaus. Their carefully constructed tracks allow them to build gradually but smash the more intense sections. Their delivery is strong and it’s an explosive spectacle that even Foals would be chuffed with.

02 Feuerhaus-09-004
Bendy and chilling guitar lines from Dylan Osafo © James Burwell Photography
02 Feuerhaus-37-001
Bassist Callan Croft © James Burwell Photography

The band’s latest single ‘T-REX Hands’ has a wistful intro with a beat that lends itself to an 80s cult film soundtrack. There’s a groove to this track, thanks to the bass lines from Callan Croft, which adds more depth and changes the rhythm. On this track especially, Feuerhaus are beautifully rehearsed and their layered sections are woven together carefully.

At times the lyrics are hard to distinguish, but under the guise of shoegaze and psychedelia it’s not something that will hinder the band. Closing with ‘Blood Breakfast’, an indulgent seven-minute show, Feuerhaus cement themselves as one of Bath’s most promising bands.

Feuerhaus are a band destined to fill larger venues to the brim and draw in crowds that spill from festival tents. Well rehearsed, their set is clean from error but artistically free. Live, they glitter, captivating the audience with a confident set dripping with unequivocal cool. Give it a year or two and Feuerhaus will have a crowd of people launching themselves at each other.

For more information check out their Facebook page, or have listen to their Spotify or SoundCloud.

Words by Annabel Miller

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