Alison McGinn is an artist that has made the transition from engineering to art. Now in her final year of her BA Fine Art degree at Bath Spa University, this wife, mother and student creates immersive pieces that act as a “jumping off point for conversations,” and express “ideas that we cannot explore using words alone.”

New work - Edges
Edges, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas (91x133cm), 2017 © Alison McGinn

Alison employs “accident and incident” in her art, making use of the forgotten, the abandoned and the scraps that litter her environment. Her current working
piece began as a discarded canvas found in the university’s studio space. She describes the balance between this serendipitous approach to creating as “a bit like walking a tightrope,” but believes that “employing chance” allows the viewer to ask questions – for Alison, conversation is at the core of her art.

“Accident and incident” connects two of Alison’s recent projects, though both vary greatly. Undeniably, she is an artist who is flexible in practice. Orientation focuses on the architecture of her studio and primarily makes use of digital media.

The Spill (2016) Digital print. © Alison McGinn

Orientation led to the creation of The Spill after Alison became fascinated by the “mess [of] all those hidden and unwanted elements of artistic practise” that she found abandoned whilst photographing the studio. An investigation into the stains left behind by artists – both literally and metaphorically – The Spill finds beauty in the chaos. In Alison’s words, “it embraces art as it is … mess and all.”

Words by Chelsea Davies


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